Lizzy is a Flemish furniture and interior designer. He was educated as a furniture designer and maker in the UK at the prestigious Parnham College. His career has brought him to Japan where he conducted a research study investigating the influences of traditional Japan upon the contemporary design, this in conjunction with GK-Design, the design company led by renowned designer Kenji Ekuan.

Later he moved to Spain and opened his own studio providing design services to various mass-production companies as well as to private clients. During his time in Barcelona he also initiated and directed a master course in furniture design for an associated college to the Universitat Ramon Llul.

In 2005 Lizzy moved to London where he continued his interior and furniture design work. He also remained active in the educational field as lecturer at the London Metropolitan university. The last few years he remains mainly in Belgium with his wife and children. Apart from his design work he broadened his activities to investment projects for which he buys buildings, refurbishes them and brings them back on to the market. He also organises workshops for the Howest University in Kortrijk among others.